Edgar Deiner

Hi there, I'm

Edgar Deiner

Product Designer & Webflow Developer

With a wealth of industry experience, I specialize in seamlessly blending form and function to create captivating user experiences.

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My Work



Accept payments online,

Led the full design process on a multi million dollar domain for a fintech company that is redefining the world of payments.

Role : Product, Web-Design, Development & SEO.



Intuitive web desktops to share with anyone anytime

Led the design processes, end-to-end for a revolutionary Easy-to-use data sharing and collaboration spaces.

Role : Product design, Web design & Development.



where cutting-edge care meets convenience & technology

Designed and built state of the art multi-step online booking, leveraging the power of Webflow for a seamless integration of creativity and functionality.

Role : Product design, Web design & Development.


Fillo - Design Agency

Skyrocket conversion with powerful responsive websites

Fully planned, designed and developed agency website. Contains functional, unique, step by step budget builder to help clients get better custom solutions that fit their needs.

Role : UX / UI, Web-design and Development.

Fillo - Webdesign. UX / UI case study thumbnail



Intuitive web desktops to share with anyone anytime

Led the design processes, end-to-end for a revolutionary Easy-to-use data sharing and collaboration spaces.

Role : Product design, Web design and Development.



Manage your tasks
from everywhere.

Group-task is a free and easy to use tool that helps you to achieve positive routine and life changing habits. Create to do lists, reminders, tasks, and shopping lists. Divide subjects into groups and priorities.

Role : UX / UI, Mobile design, Idea Concept

Group task - UX / UI case study mobile thumbnailGroup task - UX / UI case study mobile thumbnail



Every fitness journey
starts with a single step

An app that simplifies a very information-rich world of data. Then tailors a plan that suits each user's needs and allows them to experience easy and effortless tracking.

Role : UX / UI, Mobile design, Idea Concept

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My Skills

User Experience Design

Defining business problems, building strategies to piece together the business goal and user needs by designing meaningful experiences.

Animated Interactions

I create animated micro-interactions usually to make things more engaging and less boring.

Responsive Web Design

I create layouts that adjust to any type of screen size, desktop, tablet or mobile

Wireframing & protoyping

I create prototypes of a variety of degrees of fidelity to allow user-testing and more decision making

User Interface Design

Designing user-centric, modern interfaces for digital products or services which helps transfers the brand’s strengths and visual assets to a product’s interface.

Making Killer Beats

When I’m not designing, I create killer “lo-fi” beats in my mini home studio.

Tools I Use

Figma - design software logo


My main design tool
mostly for collaboration
and for its different design elements

Webflow logo - logo

Here I create amazing responsive websites

(like this portfolio)

Notion - logo


My all-in-one tool to organize, plan, and schedule  my entire life on work related and personal stuff.

Protopie logo

Mostly when I want to go deep into designing advanced micro-interactions for digital interfaces and for more advanced prototypes

adobe xd - logo

Adobe XD

For creating wireframes, user flows user interfaces and creating testable mockups.

adobe Illustrator - logo

Adobe AI

I use Illustrator to edit and create more intense vector elements and illustrations

adobe Photoshop- logo


Mostly for image
editing  and retouching
for more advanced
photo editing.

Invision app - logo

I love using Invision freehand for quick sketches, that replaces the old-way of sketching in notebooks. Also for collaborations

About Me

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"As a highly motivated and inquisitive professional, I possess an innate passion for design that extends across various disciplines. Embracing an autodidactic approach, I consistently maintain a positive and ego-free demeanor in all aspects of my work. My commitment to excellence is underscored by a robust work ethic that permeates every endeavor, ensuring a steadfast dedication to achieving superior outcomes."

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"Alone we can do so little
together we can do so much." – Helen Keller

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