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Every fitness journey
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A two phone screenshots of the app
project name : All-Fit
platform : Mobile
My role : UX / UI
Duration : March - May 2020

Project vision

Probably every human is aware of fitness Importance, but like most people, we face many obstacles and daily routine barriers and usually don’t know where to start or overwhelmed with the process. “All-Fit” is a platform that simplifies the fitness journey by customizing the experience accessible from anywhere by everyone.

The Challenges

• Create an easy as possible overview
• Intuitive inn-app tracking system
• Customize personal plan for the user
• Bridge the gap between consumed foods Database variety.
• Allow users to easily input new and favorite foods into the database.
all fit user onboarding mockups - three screens

Project Kickoff

I used “Lean UX” elements approach in this project for a clear path without diving away from the main user goals of the project. I interviewed real potential users in my research and leaned on my personal experience with my fitness journey. I worked in cycles ( similar to sprints ) to narrow down the path of the solutions to this complex subject.

Observation & Interviews

I did about 5 interviews with people I know that had or have some kind of fitness oriented journey. 2 main real personal was used to showcase this step. I asked them what kind of difficulties and frustrations they had and if they stopped their progress and why is that …I need to mention that I myself at the time of this project was deep in my own fitness journey

Meet The Users

User profile picture - Ran
Age : 37
Status : Single
Occupation : Business owner


Ran is a successful  restaurant owner and most of his day spent in managing and working at his restaurant has a very busy and stressful everyday work routine.
In high school he was representing his city in the soccer team. Today he has no workout routine and he feels very bad about that.
User profile picture - Nastia
Age : 28
Status : Single
Occupation : IDF Career


Nastia is a permanent IDF service worker She drives every Sunday roughly 4 hours to her base near Eilat and drives back to Tel-aviv every Thursday . She has only two days off in the week And very limited time to spend.She feels out of shape and insecure about her appearance.

Empathy Mapping

Empathy mapping helps with bridging the gap
between user needs and current solutions.

Think & Feel

Gain self confidence
Be fitter
Be healthier
Attain work life balance
Look better


Fellow co-workers in shape
People jogging near his home
gym membership ads
Unhealthy people diseases rate
Athletic looking costumers


reduce stress
Do not work too much
Implement healthy routine
Working out have mental benefits

Say & Do

Don’t procrastinate
Work on self discipline
Focus on the long term goal


A lot of late work hours
Where to start
Self belief


Mental clearance
Reduce stress
Authentic sources

Empathy Mapping

Empathy mapping helps with bridging the gap
between user needs and current solutions.

Empathy map
Empathy map


The problem

The conclusion was that many reasons made people stop pursuing their fitness goals. but the takeaway was :
• they aren’t getting the results that they hoped for
( expectation gap )
• overwhelmed with the amount of information and different approaches is out there ( Information-rich create decision poor )
• finding it hard to track the progress accurately
( tracking precision )

The Solution

Provide users with an app that simplifies a very information and opinion rich world of data. Then customize a plan that suits them the most . Allow users to track their progress easily and effortlessly without accuracy compensation.
Allow users to compare their personal progress by adding weight trackers and macro counters with a friendly user cheerful system that will engage and encourage them to further usage of their finite inn-app resources.

Competetive analysis

For the better realization of a concise and solid foundation for “All-Fit”, I had to see what the Industry-leading fitness applications were already doing and what user goals they were not meeting.  I went deep into articles and reviews of digital similar products and identified which ones “All-Fit” could benefit on and to have an advantage leap and differentiation, by selecting main application features to implement

Analysis discovery

I discovered that only two of the five main competitors and big market leaders actually not offering meal planning and data visualization for users. Even then, “MyFitnessPal” user interface ( that currently holds the biggest market share ) was noticeably outdated and in most applications, the food macro distribution is incredibly limited and their importance was not taken into Depp consideration.

Competitive analysis

User flow

Created to understand how the navigation threw the screens Will occur. Gives clear idea about the complexity or simplicity to the flow of interaction

Information Architecture

To reduce cognitive load and help users to successfully interact with the info-rich environment , I needed to structure the content by arrangement level of the hierarchy from top to bottom.

information architecture
information architecture

Lo-Fi Wireframes

Before moving on to design I created low-fidelity wireframes To get an idea of the main screens UI structure. I used “Invision - Freehand“ a great tool that replaced sketching in my notebook lately

Lo-fi mockups

High-Fi Wireframes

After getting a visualisation of the main screen structure of the appI moved to “Adobe XD” to further developing the app ui look an feel And created a working prototype to test with potential users.

hi-fi mobile mockupshi-fi mobile mockups

Final Design

Moving on to the design stage after staring and messing around with grey monochromatic screens was more than exiting for me.
I wanted to achieve a clean fluid design by implementing high contrast look by using bright ‘’neon’’ like colors on plain solid backgrounds that will compliment the modern design I wanted to create.

User Onboarding

all fit user onboarding mockups - three screens

Main screen / Dashboard

Recepies overview

all fit application mockup - two screens

Weight quick update

all fit application mockup - two screens

User Signup completion


Being a fitness fanatic myself, working on All-Fit was incredibly rewarding.
I got to explore some of the new Adobe XD features and narrow down my research and design process. Although I was not able to fully flesh out other in-depth features and designs I wanted to within All-Fit due to time limitations, probably will go back to it down the line. I also went back and forth and many times threw out this project phases to better understand which areas in my process I can be more efficient.

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