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platform : Mobile
My role : UX / UI
Duration : March - May 2020

Project vision

Probably most of us currently have at least one productivity app installed on our phone, if you are like me, you used more than one app and had your positives and negatives about it. in our world, it is more than helpful to reduce some cognitive load off our brains by using something like a task-management app.

The Challenges

• 1 ) Create an accessible easy to use interface

• 2 ) Effective inn-app organization system

• 3 ) Allow users to group lists and tasks effectively

Definition & Ideation

The problem

There are a lot of good task management apps out there, but the sweet spot between them starting to miss on their huge benefits and interfere with their user goals is usually by not implementing or similarly not encouraging users to organize their tasks in a more efficient way. after adding a good amount of tasks its easy to get lost and feel overwhelmed by the enormous amount of data presented to us on one tiny screen

The Solution

Meet "Group-task" an app that makes users feel right at home by creating a quite familiar task taking system that will put heavy emphasis on grouping tasks together divide them by their desired categories, and share them with others as its main differentiating factor, in a way that will make users life much easier when they are just starting or deep into their core use with the app.
Order cat food
Pay electricity bill
Plan a webinar

Project Kickoff

I decided to use “design thinking” process approach that helped me move along through the processes smoothly. I set up a project deadline for myself and decided that I’m going deep into competitive research to get a good idea of how I can differentiate without compensating on my user goals. The research methods I used were mostly user research, data analysis, and features compering, I interviewed a number of people I know mainly to pi-point their pains.

User Research

Online survey

To start my user research process I conducted an online survey and wrote questions that I will ask the users mainly to understand the pains and gains of their personal experience with their task management and if they currently not using any digital application why is that … ? the main questions I brought with me was :

Research results :

  • 54% of users use pan & paper (which is a mind-blowing statistic for me)
  • 47% of users manage tasks daily
  • 59% of users abandoned the tool when they were overwhelmed or missing a key feature.
  • Most users find it hard to organize their tasks as their numbers rise, then find it even harder to organize them into specific groups.
  • Most used feature is setting task reminders
  • Least used feature is searching for a specific task

Research takeaway's

Task management is such a huge topic, based on the survey, I started to get a clearer picture of many opportunities from user pain-points, I understood that a more holistic approach is needed here.

User interviews

I conducted two 30 min, one-on-one user interview sessions to help me structure a qualitative picture and further drill into the main persona definitions.

The how :

  • setting clear goals and objectives
  • Recruiting participants
  • Writing down the questions ( open & non-leading )
  • Recording the sessions
  • Don't take notes ( make the user feel engaged )
  • Avoid industry jargon
  • Wrap-up ( quick general chat at the end )

Interview summery

Users that I have encountered and interviewed used task-management apps to create lists, random tasks, and to-do lists that they mostly didn’t follow.
Users reported feeling lost and overwhelmed after inserting many lists and tasks which made it difficult to navigate inside their app, and from here I came to the idea of creating an intuitive and effective grouping system to allow users to quickly organize their tasks and lists anytime they wish for.
and that’s how I came up with the “non-original” name: “ Group-Task”

Meet The Users

Created based on main survey candidates results, to keep my self focused on the users, and use them as my "go to markers"

Empathy Mapping

Empathy mapping helps with bridging the gap
between user needs and current solutions.

Think & Feel

Gain self confidence
Be fitter
Be healthier
Attain work life balance
Look better


Fellow co-workers in shape
People jogging near his home
gym membership ads
Unhealthy people diseases rate
Athletic looking costumers


reduce stress
Do not work too much
Implement healthy routine
Working out have mental benefits

Say & Do

Don’t procrastinate
Work on self discipline
Focus on the long term goal


A lot of late work hours
Where to start
Self belief


Mental clearance
Reduce stress
Authentic sources

User Journey Mapping

Understanding my users expectations, objectives, and interactions with Group-Task is essential for creating a flawless customer experience. I created a visual representation of each main user journey and mapped their mood on each step of the process.


In this step I turn ideas into real screens, so I created a fully-functional prototype that can be tested in-person and remotely which helped me to validate my design decisions.

Usability Test

After creating a working prototype, I booked a usability session with 5 users to further understanding on how I can improve the overall usability of "group-task"

Usability tests are run for many different reasons :

• To verify a prototype
• To find issues with flows
• To gather unbiased user opinions
• To get the insights that help create a better overall user experience
• To validate a UX accuracy

My approach :

• 5 users will reveal most of the problems
• Assumptions are the mother of all F***-ups
• I'm not the user ....
• Watch what users do, not what they say

My process :

1 ) Setting the main goal of the test
2 ) Writing down a script
3 ) Record and document
4 ) Finalizing & summery

Main test takeaway's :

Overall the tests were exiting and eye-opening experience for me, so to sum it up :
users were not so quickly to pickup on many things that I found obvious or taken for granted, I realized that I needed to focus more on the holistic side of the solution and offer the app as a tool, users definition of task management is so different and variable, I found many things that can now be implemented for improvement. So I went back, polished and tweaked many thing.

Final Design

After testing and finalizing the structure of all screens, I went to the design stage. I wanted to achieve a clean and trustworthy look by implementing minimal design aspects, keeping distraction as low as possible while focusing and complimenting the simple yet, effective UI appearance. basically, keep it plain-simple as possible.

Filtering tasks

Find the exact tasks you need in seconds. For example, pull up a high priority tasks first. That lets you focus on the right things at the right time.


A skippable process that guides users through A series of pulsing hotspots by drawing their attention to specific elements, which familiarizes new users with "Group-task's" UI.

Managing sub-tasks

Allows users to take action within their existing tasks, mostly like: duplicating a task, deleting or adding a sub-task.

Prioritizing tasks

Establishing priorities is necessary to complete everything that needs to be done. allows you to give your attention to tasks that are important and urgent so that you can later focus on lower priority tasks.

Search & Edit

quickly pull up a specific task and edit it on the go, Specially when you have a lot of tasks and lists

Creating a group

Probably the most powerful key feature of "Group-task" that lets users categorize tasks to their own custom needs. Bigger tasks are often difficult to complete in one go and end up lingering on your to-do list. Break these tasks up into smaller particulars to get them done in less time.

Adding reminders

Help you stay on top of your tasks. Reminders pop up at the time you specify to let you know it's time to pay attention to a task.

Setting due-dates

Setting due-dates are widley used among users that want to achieve goals through managing tasks, make sure that everything in your process is completed on schedule.


Working on "Group-task" was so rewarding for me. Working on this projects brought me to face so many obstacles and challenges. Now I understand so much more about how people prioritize and adjust while managing their life tasks and they do it in so many different ways. Siting down with users to do usability testing was such an eye-opening experience for me and led me to understand better the phycology of human behavior.

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